Here you can (hopefully) find all you need to know about Do Stuff Escape Games!

If you have a burning question after reading this, please feel free to email us.

Escape games

The basic premise – we lock you in a room filled with deliciously difficult puzzles, and you and your teammates have to find your way out within 60 minutes!

If you are completely new to escape games here’s a little history:

Escape games originated as point-and-click computer games in the 80’s, and have grown into a global pastime with many thousands of rooms running worldwide.

It is believed that the live-action variant first surfaced in Japan in 2008, but a Hungarian strain of the game also claims to have developed separately starting in 2011.


Do Stuff Hostage Hideout Description 


Team sizes are a minimum of two people and a maximum of five.

We are located within The Grove pub at: 279 Battersea Park Road, Battersea, London, SW11 4NE.

Our game prices are dependent on the amount of people playing and also the time of day at which you play: 

Off-Peak (Mon-Fri 12-4:30pm) All Games £80 (for the room)
Peak (Mon-Fri 6pm-9pm + weekends) 2 players - £80, 3-5 players £100 (for the room)

age restrictions

Do Stuff Escape Games are designed for adults and therefore not suitable for children under the age of 12 who unfortunately cannot play. 

Children over 12 will only be permitted to play if accompanied by an adult. Unfortunately we cannot extend the team size to accommodate children, the maximum team size is 5.

As we are situated in a public house, all players under the age of 18 should be accompanied by an adult.


We have an online booking system that can be accessed via the button below. This is securely provided by Bookifyapp. 


Gift vouchers can be bought at values of £50, £60, £70, £80, £90, and £100 for use on all our games via the online booking system.

Gift vouchers are valid for 6 months from the date of purchase and can be extended an unlimited number of times by emailing info@dostuffescapegames.com and quoting the voucher redemption code. Extensions are at the discretion of Do Stuff Escape Games and are allowed for the lifetime of the business.

Vouchers are not refundable for cash, and should the full value of the voucher not be used when booking a game the remaining balance will be forfeited. If a game is booked that is for a value exceeding the voucher amount then the balance will be required to be paid on checkout.

We reserve the right to change or withdraw the availability of any discount, promotion or gift voucher scheme at any time.

refunds and cancellations

As with many live events once you have made a booking unfortunately we are unable to offer a cancellation or a refund.

In exceptional circumstances we may offer to reschedule your game for a later date, you may email us to request this.


We advise and strongly recommend that you arrive at The Grove 15 minutes before the start of your game.

There will be a briefing session before the game starts that you will be required to attend, and we have an absolute policy of no admittance for late arrivals – if you’re late and your team starts without you, you will sadly not be able to join them.

Also as you are going to be locked in a room for up to an hour (for most teams it will be within a minute of the maximum time!) arriving early and having the opportunity to: use the toilet, have a last cigarette, message your loved ones etc… before entering the room is advised.

Our venue is also a pub so feel free to have a drink before hand – although not too many as it may affect your ability to solve our puzzles and very inebriated persons may be refused entry.


On completion of your game we strongly recommend that you take advantage of our great venue and enjoy a debrief with your team.

The Grove is a fully licensed pub and serves some of the most epic burgers in South London.

As customers of Do Stuff Escape Games you can enjoy a special offer of a drink and burger for £10.


Players with hearing difficulties are welcome but we recommend that one player in a group have functional hearing as any clues we provide are given aurally via walkie-talkie.

If you have mobility issues you will still be able to enjoy the experience but there may be areas of the game that you will be unable to get to, therefore it is advised that at least one member of the team be without mobility problems.

Unfortunately due to restrictions at our venue we are unable to provide access to wheel chair users at the current time. We hope to be able to remedy this in the future.


There are no issues with our game for those that are pregnant. The room is equipped with somewhere to sit if needed, and should there be an emergency players can exit at any time.